API Versions

We have a few different versions of our API live. This is because we understand what we offer developers: a simple reliable service that makes their job easier by ensuring their applications continue to work with minimal maintenance.

Version Output Format Year Introduced Support Status Description
Legacy png 2016 DEPRECATED A POC so basic we didn't see the need for API versioning yet.
v1 png 2018 LTS Our fist versioned API capable of pins, icons, and icon stacks.
v2 png 2022 Active We have learned a few things and made rendering icons even better.

API Version & Feature Compatibility

Feature Legacy v1 v2
Pins with Text Yes Yes Yes
Pins with Icon Yes Yes Yes
Icons Yes Yes Yes
Icon Stacks Yes Yes Yes
Font-Awesome 4 Yes Yes No
Font-Awesome 5 No Yes Yes
Font-Awesome 6 No No Yes
Improved Auto-Centering No No Yes
Improved Sizing No No Yes