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Oil & Gas

Petronas is a global energy group with presence in over 100 countries. They also happen to sponsor the Mercedes F1 Team.

Petronas leverages in the ride-hailing app for employees in one of the largest integrated petrochemical facilities in Malaysia.

Food & Beverage

When Anheuser-Busch was founded in the 1850s, it started as a small neighborhood brewery. Today, they employ thousands of people.

Anheuser-Bush uses to power the store locator tools on their websites to make it easier for customers to find their products in stores nearby.

Post AG

Post AG (aka Österreichische Post) is Austria's leading logistics and postal services provider. Its main business activities include shipping and delivering mail and parcels.

The Post AG uses in their internal logistics software to track mail and ensure it reaches its intended destination.

NSW Government

The Government of New South Wales, also known as the NSW Government, is the democratic administrative authority in New South Wales, Australia.

Recommending, in the official NSW Design System, helps teams build products and services that deliver great user experiences.

The Tafel supports 1.6 to 2 million people in need of food throughout the country of Germany – nearly one third of them are children and youth.

The Tafel leverages as part of their digitization efforts to simplify the coordination across teams running food collection and distibution routes.

Trans-System Logo

Trans-System is the parent corporation for three transportation companies. Starting from 1 truck in 1972 to nearly 1000 tractors across all three companies today. helps their drivers and logistics team succeed by enriching the driver portal with user-friendly maps.

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